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International Affairs

International Affairs

In the first years of the new century, a more assertive foreign policy took a toll on the long-cultivated role of the U.S. as a  responsible global leader. The Century Foundation's work in this area provides perspective on the complex difficulties the U.S. is facing today, while providing policy recommendations to best promote the nation's security interests. Research and analysis in this area includes weapons proliferation, the Middle East, America's image in the world, and U.S.-Asia relations.

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Morton Abramowitz

Featured Fellow

Senior Fellow Morton Abramowitz

Morton Abramowitz is a senior fellow who specializes in U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy; homeland security; Turkey; northeast and southeast Asia; the Balkans; and North Korea.


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After Mubarak: Prospects for Democratic Change in Egypt: Discussion

Less than two years after President Obama’s Cairo speech celebrated democratic government, Egypt has seen unprecedented protests overthrow President Hosni Mubarak. While the demonstrations may have forced a leadership change, many questions still remain.

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International Affairs
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