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Health Care

In the U.S., there is a growing consensus among experts, lawmakers, employers, and the public that the existing system is dysfunctional--and this support will generate support for the transformation of U.S. health care financing and delivery.  The Century Foundation's research in the area of health care policy seeks to provide a forum for innovative ideas for achieving universal coverage, as well as analysis of current policies.

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Harold Pollack

Featured Fellow

Fellow Harold Pollack

Fellow Harold Pollack focuses on issues of Economics and Inequality. He is the Helen Ross Professor at the School of Social Service Administration, and faculty chair of the Center for Health Administration Studies at the University of Chicago.


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The Long-Term Challenge: Next Steps for Healthcare Reform Video

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, The Century Foundation, Demos, and the Economic Policy Institute hosted AMERICA'S FISCAL CHOICES, a conference on Strengthening the Economy & Building for the Future.

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Health Care
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