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Election Reform

Election Reform

The Century Foundation has been at the forefront of efforts to reform the voting system since the issue entered the national discourse after the 2000 presidential election. In 2001, the foundation cosponsored the National Commission on Federal Election Reform.  The Commission's final report modeled for important measures in the Help America Vote Act. Our current work in this area focuses on the promises and potential pitfalls of future elections, and on what that means for our democratic process.

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  • The Politics of Voter Suppression

    The Politics of Voter Suppression

    A new book, The Politics of Voter Suppression: Defending and Expanding Americans’ Right to Vote, by Tova Andrea Wang on the history of voter suppression in the United States.
  • Election Reform

    The 'Myth' of Voter Fraud

    Tova Andrea Wang interviewed in U.S. News & World Report.
  • Money, Politics, and the Constitution: Beyond Citizens United

    Money, Politics, and the Constitution: Beyond Citizens United

    Top Constitutional scholars launch a new jurisprudence to curb the rise of unfettered money in politics post-Citizens United. What is next for the First Amendment? And how can we advance a vision of the Constitution as a charter for a vibrant, participatory democracy?
  • Election Reform

    Voter ID Gambit

    Tova Andrea Wang quoted in The Washington Post.
  • Election Reform

    Balancing Access and Integrity

    A working group of election reform experts looks at how states can implement future elections in a way that balances ballot integrity with voting rights and accessibility.
  • Election Reform

    Voter Fraud Hysteria

    Tova Andrea Wang writes about voter intimidation in Politico.

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Election Reform
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