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  • Recent research supports district's diversity plan

    Iowa City on Diversifying Schools

    If the Iowa City Community School District passes the proposed plan to diversify schools, it will join more than 80 districts across the nation that have responded to research on student achievement by giving more students the chance to attend mixed-income schools. TCF's Richard Kahlenberg and Halley Potter discuss their recent research which supports the proposed plan.

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  • The Debt Ceiling’s Escape Hatch

    The Debt Ceiling’s Escape Hatch

    TCF Fellow Edward Kleinbard's op-ed published in the New York Times. Is there a solution that's better than minting the platinum coin? Ed Kleinbard says we could emulate California's registered warrants.

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  • The Century Foundation Adds New Fellows

    TCF Adds New Fellows

    The Century Foundation is happy to announce that Stefanie A. DeLuca, Edward D. Kleinbard, and Moshe Marvit have joined the foundation as fellows.  The new fellows are policy experts on  poverty, taxation, and labor, respectively.

  • Infographic: Armed Americans

    Infographic: The United States Has the Most Guns

    A new Century Foundation infographic: The United States has the most guns per capita of any country in the world.

  • The Dirty Dozen Tax Breaks

    The Dirty Dozen Tax Breaks

    In 2002, TCF convened the Working Group on Tax Expenditures to examine and propose reforms to the tax code. The resulting report, Bad Breaks All Around, identifies twelve tax breaks with little or no economic justification. These "dirty dozen" are no less ripe for the chopping block a decade later, as Congress finally takes up the task of simplifying the tax code. Follow along at Blog of the Century as we introduce each of the "dirty dozen" and explain why it's long past time to eliminate these useless, and costly, tax breaks.

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Morton Abramowitz

Featured Fellow

Senior Fellow Morton Abramowitz

Morton Abramowitz is a senior fellow who specializes in U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy; homeland security; Turkey; northeast and southeast Asia; the Balkans; and North Korea.

Graph of the Day Series

From income inequality to the latest employment figures,  Benjamin Landy's Graph of the Day series illustrates data and findings in public policy research.

The Future of School Integration

Edited by senior fellow Richard D. Kahlenberg, this book  seeks to answer important questions about how socioeconomic integration plans are faring and to provide guidance for how they can be sustained.

The 'Myth' of Voter Fraud

Tova Andrea Wang interviewed in U.S. News & World Report.

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Everyone’s an Islamist Now

Thanassis Cambanis  on the search for a new political terminology for the Arab world.

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